Saturday, October 23, 2010

Events Leading Up to Brody's Early Arrival

I woke up on the morning of August 25, which I was 28 weeks and 6 days, with large amounts of swelling to my hands, feet, and face. I got dressed and went on to work and called Dr. W's office. Nurse called me back and said to come on in. Dr. met me in the hall and checked my BP which was 150/90 and check my urine which showed large protein. I had just had a check up a week before and everything was great. We went into a room and he told me he was putting me in the hospital for eval and bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy... to make long story short, I went and stayed over night in WP, had ultrasound, blood work, 24 hour urine, and monitoring of Brody. Most everything was normal, my 24 hour urine showed 2.4 grams of protein, if it was over 4 then things would have been done different, but thankfully it was ok. US and everything with Brody looked good. I was given 2 steriod shots for Brody's lung development in case of an early arrival. Dr. W discharged me on Thursday with bedrest (NO WORK).

The last picture of me pregnant

Remind you, we had nursery furniture ordered, but that was it, didn't have room cleaned out, didn't have anything for Brody, basically, we had nothing nor had we done anything to prepare for Brody

I stayed on the couch and in the bed over the weekend. We had friends and family that came over and moved furniture out, cleaned house, painted the nursery, put in ceiling fan, put together furniture, mowed yard, and many other things. I did very well stayed put and not doing anything which was very hard not getting to do anything, but I knew we had to do what was best for Brody.

On Monday morning I had a follow up appt with Dr. W. I didn't sleep well on Sunday night and got up that morning feeling terrible. When I got to his office and my BP was checked it was high, Dr. came in and checked and got 190/130 so back to the hospital I go.

Just to keep this post from being any longer than it is going to be, I will summerize the next few weeks that went by.

We had 24 hour urine done which was normal and stayed normal for a few weeks. We did ultrasounds every few days which for the most part were normal, added on new BP meds which helped, and I was hooked up to monitor daily to check Brody. The first week or so in the hospital the monitor strips looked normal and wasn't much change with Brody.

We started having daily ultrasounds done to monitor the blood flow through cord, check the placenta, check blood flow through brain, and just to check on Brody's growth.

The last few days while in the hospital Brody started having some heart rate drops while on the monitor and was growing any.

September 15th started out as a normal morning, Jason left going to work and Mamaw came to sit with me. I felt good. The ultrasound tech got me for US and everything looked good there, mamaw left before lunch and nurse came into hook me up to monitor around 10:30. Well, 11:30 comes around and my lunch is waiting on me, the nurse would usually come and unhook me from the monitor for the day, well this day was different. Nurse came in and just turned the volume on the monitor down and told me to eat lunch then lay back down, at this point, I knew something was wrong. I tried not to worry b/c with worry came elevated blood pressure. I had noticed a few heart rate drops on the monitor, but didn't seem like anymore than what he had been having. Around 12:30 Dr. Whittle came in with nurse and sat down and looked very serious, he told me the baby was having too many heart rate drops and there had been some changes on my ultrasound that morning and my 24 hour urine the day prior was extremly high (13 grams) and that we just couldn't put this off any longer. Remind you, I am by myself getting this shock, Dr. W told me not to eat or drink anymore b/c I needed to be NPO for section. He left out of room to call Tueplo and get everything ready for my d/c from there and my transfer and admission to Tupelo (reason for going to Tupelo was b/c of NICU unit which Brody would have to be in).

I call Jason at school and he just happened to be passing by the office when I called. I explained to him what was happening and he said he would be right there. Other phone calls were made and next thing I know, my mom and Jason are there packing our stuff up, which was a lot d/t a 3 week stay. Within no time the ambulance was there to pick me up for the ride to Tupelo. Thankful for wonderful paramedic who talked and kept me entertained and kept my mind off what was about to happen. I was in total shock, wasn't able to cry or get excited, just mostly scared for my sons life.

Once arriving in Tupelo the admission stuff and pre-op stuff was started, including IV and the much dreaded CATHETER, this was the worse part of it all. I couldn't wait for my spinal so I didn't have to feel it. It was terrible and hurt SO BAD! Then Dr. P came in and went over Dr. W notes and introduced herself and said it was time. After being prepped I said goodbye to my family and was wheeled into the operation room.

Before heading to operating room

I was introduced to many nurses, anesthesiologists, the neonatologist and his staff. I was given the option to have a spinal or to be put to sleep and chose the spinal, was told as soon as it was ready that Jason would be brought in and the birth of our son would take place shortly after. I was in the OR at 5:00 exactly and was told we should be welcoming our son within 15 mins or so. Well things didn't go quite as planned. For some unknown reason, the anesthesiologist had problems getting my spinal to take, after 5 trys they told me one my try then I would have to be put to sleep, the Lord was with us and the 6th and final try worked!! Now it is about 5:45 and Jason comes in, I don't think I have ever been as happy to see him in all my life, and everything gets started and very quickly I might add. After just minutes I hear Dr. P say stand up dad and Jason stood just in time to see Brody being pulled out, and then the I heard the sweetest sound I had ever heard, Brody crying!! They took Brody to a little area next to where I was and was working on him and he was crying and was crying loudly and it was music to my ears!! The nurse then brought Brody over for me to see and he was just perfect. Then Jason left to go with the nurse and Brody and they finished with me and took me to recovery.

Brody James Junkin :
September 15, 2010 at 5:58pm at NMMC Tupelo Womens Hospital
3 lbs 3oz 16.75in
Born 9 weeks early at 31 weeks

I had been put on a magnesium IV when I first arrived in the hospital and it was stopped on the next morning. That stuff was awful and d/t to that along with my BP, I wasn't able to see Brody until the next afternoon. He was taken to the NICU shortly after delivery and was placed on CPAP to help keep his lungs open b/c lungs were a little sticky d/t early arrival. The CPAP only stayed on for about 24-48 hours before he was taken off and was on room air.

Seeing Brody for the first time. The sweet nurse took his CPAP off for a minute so I could see his face.

Over the next few weeks, we learned all about premature birth and the NICU. These are two things I wish I didn't know much about, but I do, and wouldn't change any of the above. I know the Lord Jesus brought us to this and brought us through this. Prayers were answered and on Oct. 10 we brought our little miracle home with us!

leaving the hospital

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Alot has gone on since the last baby update.. We have since found out we are having a BOY! We went on June 19th and had US and everything looked great. Here are a few pictures that were taken:

After our appt. we called family and friends and had everyone meet us at Lackies for supper and we got this cake for dessert so that we could share with everyone the same time.

We are going to name him BRODY JAMES JUNKIN. So far everything is going as planned, we went and picked out and ordered baby furniture several weeks ago. It should be arriving in the 3-4 weeks. Here is what it looks like:

We got everything here but the hutch that goes on top of the smaller dresser and we are going to use that dresser as the changing table.
We have also picked out the crib bedding set, I say we, but actually mean I. Jason did help pick out the crib set though. Here is the bedding set:

Here are a few pregnancy updates:

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 24 weeks

Size of baby: 9 inches long and about 1.7 lbs. He is about the size of a eggplant.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained a total of 4lbs as of my last visit.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, all my pants except scrubs are maternity. I am wearing some maternity tops and am still able to wear my same size scrubs, but that will be changing soon, as most are getting too tight.

Gender: BOY

Movement: Yes, I started feeling him several weeks ago and each week it is getting stronger and stronger. Jason felt him move last Sunday night and my sister felt him move on Monday night.

Sleep: Getting up more frequently throughout the night to use the bathroom and takes longer to get comfortable.

Symptoms: CRAZY dreams, frequent potty breaks, and MAJOR heartburn

Best Moment this week: Jason being able to feel him move.

What I am looking forward to: Getting the "nursey" cleaned out.

Here is a picture of me and my growing belly. I think this was taken at 22 weeks.
Hope everyone has a great week. My next doctor appt. is Aug. 3rd and I will have my Glucose Tolerance Test done that day.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pregnancy Update

I went to the doctor for my regular checkup on Tuesday May 25th. My weight was the same, urine check was good, Baby Junkin heartbeat was nice and strong...But....My blood pressure was high. I had felt bad and Sunday and Monday and was having terrible headaches so I figured it was up and I was right. Dr. Whittle started me on some meds and told me to take it easy and to return to see him in one week. I started the medication that night and for the next few days I felt terrible, had no energy and just wanted to sleep.

I went back to the doctor on Tuesday June 1st. Blood pressure was much better, I lost 4lbs (which was maybe fluid, unsure really), urine check great, and heartbeat was wonderful.. Baby Junkin was moving around a lot and didn't want to be still so we could hear the heart beat..So ready to be able to feel that movement. Dr. Whittle was very pleased with everything. I have felt much better. He told me to continue taking it easy and to keep check on BP. He wanted to see me again in a week, but he will be out of town for a few days and is booked the first few days he is back so I will go on June 14th for my check up and for the ULTRASOUND! I can't wait, so ready to give this baby a name and start buying stuff!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 17 weeks

Weeks Size of baby: 5 in long and 5 oz.. Baby Junkin is about the size of a turnip

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Lost 4lbs

Maternity Clothes: I can still wear most of my regular clothes, but maternity pants/jeans are much more comfortable. I did buy a few maternity tops b/c they are longer and cover up the maternity pants. I wear mostly scrubs during the day and most of them are big anyways so, so far so good in scrubs.

Gender: Don't know, will find out June 14...Jason says boy for some reason, I really thought girl at first, but have been thinking boy lately, so we will see.

Movement: No :( not yet, but so ready too.. Dr. W said it wouldn't be much longer.

Sleep: No problem sleeping, just CRAZY dreams.

Symptoms: CRAZY dreams, frequent potty breaks, and some heartburn

Best Moment this week: getting to hear the heartbeat at the doctor on Tuesday.

What I am looking forward to: My next appt. on June 14th so we can name this baby and check myself to make sure I am doing okay.. As much as I want everything to be okay with the baby and have a healthy pregnancy I want myself to be okay also.
Just keep me/us in your prayers.

Memorial Day Weekend

On Saturday Jason and I headed to his parents house for some fun in the sun. Jeremy and the boys came for the weekend while Nina had to work..we missed you Nina. Michael, Jana, Colin, Heather, Bo, Kyndal, Emma, Drew, Sayonia, Caleb, and Sarah all came and enjoyed the pool and homemade icecream.
Sawyer and Michael

Jana and Bronner ready to get in the pool

Bronner and Uncle Jason (water was a little cool at first)

Bronner enjoying his float

Emma having fun playing around the pool

Emma playing in the float

Bronner with Neese ready for another fun day in the pool

On Monday Memorial Day we went back to the Junkin's for some more pool time. So nice to have a pool to get in.. Next summer should be loads of fun...There will be Bronner and Sawyer then my baby and Heathers baby, at least the adults were able to enjoy the pool one summer before all the kids arrived..Just Kidding..We woudn't have it any other way..

This Saturday we plan on heading back out to the pool so I am sure there will be more pictures to come..

Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Recap

Sorry this post will have no picutres..

On Friday, Jeremy, Nina, Bronner, and Sawyer came to stay the weekend at Randy and Denise's house so we decided to head over Friday night and hang out. We had not seen the boys in a while and it is so hard to believe they are growing up so fast.

On Saturday we slept late then headed into Columbus to get Mother Day Gifts then go to the InLaws. We just hung around and enjoyed time with all the family. Saturday night Colin and Heather came over to hang out with us. They are also expecting, she is due on Dec. 2nd. Hard to believe next summer there will be 4 babies at the pool. We told Randy and Denise we were all going to have to pitch in and get a play/swing set for all the kids. The weather was cool out, Bronner and Jeremy were brave and got in the pool for a few minutes, but NOT me!! It was TOO cold. Can't wait for more warm weather days to lay out at the pool and have homemade icecream.

Sunday was Mother's Day so after church we went to my Mothers house for lunch with all the family and Sunday Night we went to the Grill in Columbus for supper with Jason's mom.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I am going to try to get better at posting my often (we will see how that goes)

Not much going on this weekend, Thursday Night is my "little" cousin Robyn's graduation from dental hygiene school and Friday and Saturday Jason and Drew have a gun show in Jackson so Sayonia and I are also going, we will be shopping all day Saturday. I am in need of maternity clothes, jeans are getting a little snug.

No Pregnancy updates, everything is going great. I have only been sick once and I am now 13 1/2 weeks. My next appt. is 05/25, can't wait!!

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sorry..It has been forever...

...Lots to tell..Will try to keep short and sweet.. so for our BIG NEWS...

JASON AND I ARE EXPECTING!! We found out on March 1st, was only a few weeks when we found out. I went to doctor on March 30th and had ultrasound, blood work, exam, and all the other fun things that go along with the first visit. I was 7 weeks and 5 days and due date is Nov. 11! We are very excited, I am very nervous also, but guess that is just part of it. I am 10 weeks today. I go back to doctor on April 28. I have felt fine, I did have morning sickness one morning, but that was it. I have been having some problems with my throat and went to the ENT and am having reflux, I am not having indigestion or heartburn, just reflux that I don't know I am having and it has my larynx and all that inflammed and irritated. NO fun, but am just so thankful to be pregnant that I try not to complain.
Keep us in your prayers as we travel down this new path in our lives to becoming parents!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend in Memphis

Since Jason and I weren't able to go to Memphis last week, we made plans to go this weekend. I had a dentist appt. in Aberdeen with Jana and Dr. Richardson. I hadn't been to the dentist in several years and was way past due. I have one cavity and have got to have a crown, which I figured. So anyone who wants to donate to the fund can stop by Bancorp South and deposit money in my account. Haha, JK! Thanks Jana for the great cleaning.

After the dentist me, Jason, Jana, and Michael headed for Memphis. We stayed at the Marriott downtown, which was a great hotel. We got checked in and headed to Beale Street and had supper at Blues City Cafe, which was great, then left there and went to Hard Rock to have dessert. It was raining and we were walking so it made for a quick trip. When I was younger, I thought Beale Street was great, but man was I mistaken. I guess if you lived the party life then its for you, but yuck it was nasty. The place is just a street of emptiness. People are trying to fill a void in their life with drinking and who knows what else, when that is not the answer. Anyways, we then went back to hotel for sleep.

(Jana and I on the trolley headed to Beale Street)

(Jason and I on the trolley)

(Jason and I in front of Hard Rock Cafe)

(Jana and Michael)

Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast and headed to hospital to see Blythe. She was doing very well. She has been through so much and is still a trooper. She is suppose to be moved to Tupelo hospital on Tuesday for rehab. She is looking forward to coming home, but knows she has got to get well first. Thanks to Jana, Michael, and Jason for hanging out at the hospital for several hours while I was able to visit with Blythe. Please keep those prayers coming for her.
We then met up with Chris and Amy for a little shopping then had supper and headed home.
Thanks for a great weekend Jana and Michael, can't wait to plan another weekend getaway.

I want to wish Sarah Catherine a Happy Birthday this Tuesday. We are planning to go out and eat sushi to celebrate.
The kids are off for Spring Break so I am sure we will try to make plans to do something with the youth this week.
Hope everyone has a great week and God Bless.